The Going Blue Foundation’s mission is:

To raise funds for, and disburse sums to, projects that regenerate, or make use of, the world’s bodies of water to further sustain life.

Most, but not all, of our fundraising is done by the acquatrail reduction and offsetting mechanism operated by Marine Positive Ltd. This mechanism enables companies or individuals to be accredited as marine positive so that they may use this status in their own communications and demonstrate that they are doing more good than harm to the greater environment.

Funds are disbursed to projects that are transparently accountable for enhancing or restoring life-sustaining qualities in lakes, rivers and oceans. These projects may be run by our own teams using existing dive centres as operational hubs or conducted by other charities, foundations or NGO’s that are already active.

The Go Blue Too campaign and the privileged relationship with Marine Positive are proving to be a theme and a solution that the world at large understands easily and commits to. While we naturally support the major efforts of other organisations, we believe that the Go Blue Too platform will also benefit them and help in all efforts to address the perilous state of world’s largest life-sustaining reservoir.



The Going Blue Foundation is a registered UK charity. This can be verified on the Charity Commission website.

Donations may be made at any time, and if desired, you may denote specific interest in a geographic area for project intervention or with the nature of a project in mind. e.g. Marine Protected Area, Sea Grass Plantations, Coral Reef Preservation, Whale and Dolphin protection etc.

The Foundation will organise the appropriate resource running such projects and present it to the donor for their consent. Regular reporting cycles will be set-up to demonstrate appropriate use of funds and results attained.

The Foundation assumes no responsibility for the eligibility of donations for tax relief or exemption in the donor’s tax jurisdiction and/or country of residence. Donors should get advice on this from their accountants and/or tax advisers.
 Of course the Foundation is also pleased to accept non-monetary donations in the form of in-kind offerings, time, assistance or media coverage for the Go Blue Too campaign.

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