Three people found each other at the right time and shared a vision of bringing the crucial role of the aquatic environment to the world’s attention in an effort to reduce water pollution acquatrails at source and raise funds to do regenerative work.

allardAllard Marx

CEO and Co-Founder

Allard Marx worked for Colgate Palmolive, Amatil and LIG and during that time started a successful consumer foods business in Italy, turned around and doubled a pharmaceutical company in Pakistan and led the reformulation, product line extension and re-launch of five key brand groups across Western Europe, the Middle and Far East.

Once in consulting, he forged the world’s first global travel alliance for National, Europcar, Tilden and Nippon and after forming INCIDE in 1991, the firm has worked for clients including INSEAD, MARC Restaurants, SONY, Dubai Health Authority, HP, Coca Cola, Cathay Pacific, The Economist, Disney, TIME, Northwest Airlines and several others.

Allard speaks four languages and recently published Business Brand Book. His continued work on Delfino Cars spurred Marine Positive.

He lives in London and like the other members of the team, travels extensively.


Susannah Stewart

Chairman and Co-Founder

After a European education, Susannah returned to California and became an engineering manager in the aerospace and defense sector directing international projects and business/partnership development. Following a stint in global technology distribution, creating outsourcing strategies for the tech leaders, she moved back to Europe to focus on strategic innovation and brand differentiation and founded Italy’s first ethics, social and environmental consulting firm.

After being the CEO of one of Italy’s leading luxury yacht manufacturers, she began concentrating on the oceans of the world with renewed vigour to do whatever it takes to restore and preserve their vitality. She now spearheads our team’s first integrated initiative to create a Marine Positive superyacht. Susannah continues as an advisor, consultant and entrepreneur in luxury, private equity and sustainability.

Her projects range from the creation of the first ethical/socially-responsible code of conduct for a tripartite Sicilian interport, involvement in the strategic development and positioning for various renewable energy companies in photovoltaic, wind, and bio-ethanol, to the recent founding of a sustainable haute couture brand. She has just moved to Marbella from Rome where she intends to learn Spanish though she already speaks four languages.