The Going Blue Campaign

This element of our work is as crucial as any other.

Prevention is better than cure and ultimately the human race has to learn to respect all bodies of water that provide us with so much oxygen, food and pleasure. Our campaign is only as good as the funds we have available to make it known through the media to as wide an audience as is possible. Some donors may wish to be specifically linked to this aspect.

You can Go Blue Too!

The campaign’s objectives are:

  1. To raise global awareness of the need to act not only on the air quality around us, but also on the bodies of water that make up 95% of the life-sustaining volume on our planet.
  2. To reduce the water pollution acquatrails of individuals, governments and companies so that the aquatic ecosystems continue to survive, at the least; and thrive, at best. It may be almost impossible to see a carbon footprint, yet water pollution acquatrails are often glaringly obvious, not always by what is left behind, but more importantly by what life is no longer there.
  3. To provide a global rallying point/war cry that all entities and individuals, who are concerned with the state of the world’s waters, can use to bond together to create a critical mass and drive necessary focus to the betterment of water-related life.

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