Research Projects

A number of crucial research projects around the world are running or being implemented to help us all understand the impact of water pollution and exploitation on both freshwater and saltwater environments (lakes, rivers, oceans and snow).
Any one of these projects will be glad of further funds to progress their work:

  1. Sunscreens’ damaging effects on coral reefs
  2. Sustainable yachting: systems innovation, new product development, and renewable energy for the nautical sector and the world’s ports and harbors.
  3. Imposex resulting from pharmaceuticals
  4. Acquatrail analysis and mitigation methods.
  5. Others identified by donors of being of specific interest.


Sea Grass has the effect of providing oxygen to the waters in which it grows. There are innumerable parts of the world that could benefit from this approach and we are fortunate to have advisors that are expert in this field.



As widely known, coral reefs provide a crucial hub for marine life. We can identify reefs in a particular location to which we can contribute.


Kelp has been demonstrated as a very promising medium for carbon sequestration. Bags containing kelp can be placed in strategic locations where carbon emissions are heavy to mitigate their damaging effect to sea life when reaching higher than normal levels.

A number of successful trials have demonstrated how salt water from the sea may channeled into a sequences of ‘farming stations’ where a number of different food sorts can be grown.

Prawns, sea-asparagus, and protein-rich saltwater grains can thrive in this way.

The benefit is not only to convert coastal lands into food producing areas but also provide coastal inhabitants with work and income beyond fishing. The integration of mangroves can also halt land erosion.